Investment Price

At present the cost of a student bed for purpose built accommodation, adjacent to universities in South Africa, is between R650 000 and R3 500 000 per bed.

A Launch special is available for cash investors

The launch special will be structured according to your needs:

  • Are you a parent wishing to purchase and then sell the unit at a profit once your child competes their studies? You can also, retain the unit and keep it as a passive income-generating asset once your child has completed their studies. The study costs for your child will be compensated for by future capital or rental income profits.
  • Are you an investor wishing to invest in a fully managed, zero worries, income generating asset.
  • If you are an investor wishing to reduce your tax burden, by availing yourself of section 12J income tax relief, then this project falls within the ambit of this section of the income tax act.

If you are a large capital investor wishing to participate in a Joint Venture, Equity, Loan or Buy-Out investment, then we have deal structuring and guarantees in place to suite your needs.

Whatever, your budget, needs or requirements are, we can structure a great deal for you.